Catstacking FAQ

Q: Why would I want to stack stuff on my cat?

A: Because it’s funny.  Duh.

Q: What should I stack on my cat?

A: Anything you can find!  But not anything that is heavy, sharp, toxic or harmful to your cat.  Examples of harmful items include chainsaws, big scratchy rocks, buckets of acid and your ex-girlfriend.  Feel free to stack cats upon cats.

Q: What kind of cat works best for catstacking?

A: Any breed of cat works well for catstacking, particularly cats that sleep or tolerate stackage well.

Q: Can my cat be featured on this website?

A: Yes!  We would love to see pictures of your cat!  But only if you stack stuff on it.  Otherwise, we don’t care.  Please click the Submit link if you have a picture to share.

Q: Can I have a Catstackers sticker?

A: Sure!  But you have to submit your catstack first!

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