Welcome to Catstackers.com!  We’re glad that you (and your cat) are here!

Would you like to stack stuff on your cat?  Of course you would!  You just never knew you’d find a website where others share your secret obsession!

Here at Catstackers we’re beginning to build a catstacking community for catstackers of all ages, races and nationalities.  So, find your cat (because you know he’s off sleeping somewhere) and get stacking!

2 Responses to About

  1. Jessy says:

    This is GREAT!
    My mother and I seriously figured we were the only ones.
    Boomer is awesome!

  2. Tilly says:

    I work from home with my very loyal Mobi-Cat, we’ve been together for over ten years and is more high maintainence than a new born baby. However, she redeems herself by letting me gentley stack her during the day when I am steadily losing my marbles. I thought I was alone in this world. I am so pleased to have found you. Best wishes from Tilly and Mobi-Cat who are curled up across the Pond in chilly Blighty. Happy 2011.

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