Misha Stacked!

Catstacked: Misha
Catstacker: Cavy
Whatstacked: dishes, dustpan, pillow

This morning’s catstackery comes from Misha, with an extremely small amount of help from a human named Cavy. As you can see, Misha has crafted a daring stack while seemingly relaxing nonchalantly in a cat hammock. Misha is also up for adoption: “We have some very tolerant cats at the rescue I volunteer with, so I decided to try cat stacking them. Misha was my first stacking attempt, and I think she was made for it! See how zen she looks? Misha, however, says I am only qualified as a temporary stacker and is accepting applications for a permanent human stacker. For more information on becoming Misha’s Permanent Stacker click here.” Thank you Misha and Cavy and for someone looking for an innate catstackathelete, here’s your chance to take one home!

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One Response to Misha Stacked!

  1. Steve says:

    Really neat and certainly displays a new level of catolence! ie. “Cat tolerance.” Any mew owner should be proud of their new feline’s level of fame.

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