Miles and Abigail Stacked!

Catstacked: Miles
Catstacker: Angelie
Whatstacked: Mouse Collection

Miles and his stacking assistant Angelie have come through this week with a new stack for you to peruse! Miles has quite handily stacked his collection of mouse buddies. He’s even managed to open his eyes for a few seconds: impressive! And difficult! If those were real mice we can only imagine that Miles wouldn’t be as sedate. Angelie has also sent us a bonus stack! Her story for this picture is: “My brother came down for the weekend and while we were visiting my parents, he joined in on the stacking experience. He stacked my parent’s neighbor’s cat who was in the yard begging for anyone’s attention.” He certainly got some attention, didn’t he? Thanks Angelie, Miles and catstacking vict- I mean, friend.

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3 Responses to Miles and Abigail Stacked!

  1. shawna says:

    Do those mice have tails? I can’t see any, so I’m thinking they’ve been bitten off. First thing my cats do to them! Must be a universal cat thing.

  2. Yuli says:

    Looooooool! I love Oh God My Eyes.comYou all have such a wonderful fliamy of websites going on.This here catstackin’ is gonna be a hit. It’s going to be a splinter cell of and you’re gonna be ROLLIN’ in the ad rev.

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