Belladonna Stacked!

Catstacked: Belladonna
Catstacker: Kristan
Whatstacked: Stuffed friends

Today’s cute and funny feat of catstackery comes from Belladonna. As with so many cats, Belladonna seems to have effortlessly discovered her inner catstackathelete and sits with regal wonder as she deftly balances two stuffed animals. Owner Kristin had this to say: “This was my first attempt at catstacking. But to my surprise Belladonna was very complicit in the building project and decided to pose when it came time to document the event. I am very excited by her gung-ho attitude towards the sport and we look forward to some more substantial entries in the future. Viva la catstacking!!!” Thanks, Kristin and Belladonna. Excellent work!

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Reesey Stacked!

Catstacked: Reesey
Whatstacked: Reeses
Catstacker: Nik

This fine stack comes to us from a cat named Reesey who has been stacked with… Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Isn’t catstacking just like that sometimes? The universe aligning to make something beautiful and daring and hilarious and supremely athletic? I thought so! Nik provides this reasoning: “When my Mom got me a huge bag of Reeses, I felt that I had to start stacking.” Nice job Reesey and Nik! And Mom! Keep those stacks coming, everyone!

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Yeller Stacked!

Catstacked: Yeller
Catstacker: Sarah
Whatstacked: laptop

Today’s stack by Yeller and owner Sarah is a great example of how to deal with that age-old cat problem: you want to read a book, or work on the computer, or play a video game and your cat is determined to be right on top of you. Well, why not turn that aggravating habit into some productive catstackery just like Yeller and Sarah have done? Sarah notes that this was, In fact, “a triple stack: me on the couch, Yeller on me, the laptop on Yeller.” Thanks Sarah and Yeller! Keep those stacks coming everyone!

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Maddie Stacked!

Catstacked: Maddie
Catstacker: Maddie
Whatstacked: Scratching board

In what may well be the first documented case of cat-self-stackery, Maddie has stacked herself with her scratching board. Owner Louise says that she does this a lot. This sort of self-stackery is most likely Maddie’s dreams of becoming a catstackathelete manifesting themselves. She knows she loves to stack but does not know that stacking can become a pasttime, a passion, a career, a profession. With time, Maddie will no doubt branch out into the world of catstacking and find her own specialty. Thanks Maddie and Louise!

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Bumbles Stacked!

Catstacked: Bumbles
Catstacker: Laura
Whatstacked: Six cups

Bumbles is anything but as she gracefully balances a set of six colorful cups on her back. Bumbles, writes owner Laura, is the “sister of Roxy who was stacked with pens and Avatar a couple of years ago.” It appears that ace catstackery runs in this feline family. Laura also notes that Bumbles “feels the vast array of colours shows off her beautiful, multi-tonal, silver grey fur.” To this, we agree. Thanks Laura and Bumbles and keep the catstacking pictures coming. Is December official catstacking month? It would appear so!

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Calvin Stacked!

Catstacked: Calvin
Catstacker: Rowan
Whatstacked: 15 cups

After a brief lull in worldwide catstacking, this challenging championship sport appears poised to make a comeback! We have for your consideration a skillful and artistic stack from cat Calvin. Owner Rowan writes that Calvin has the temperament of a true catstackathelete: “Calvin is one of the most placid cats ever – I think he is part beanbag. He was completely unbothered by me stacking a pyramid of 15 plastic cups on him.” Great job Calvin and Rowan and thanks for keeping the dream alive!

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Max Stacked!

Catstacked: Max
Catstacker: Laura
Whatstacked: Remotes, pen, wrapper, nail clippers

This is Max’s first stack and as you can see, he has stacked with the patience and skill of a seasoned pro, batting nary a whisker. He is like a heated cat-shaped holder of all things you might need for an evening watching television, so his stack is also very useful. Thank you, Max and Laura and keep those stacks coming people (and cats)!

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Aiden Stacked!

Catstacked: Aiden
Catstacker: Grace
Whatstacked: nails polish

With the majesty of a mighty mountain, Aiden has stacked a rainbow of nail polishes, which is no easy feat: those things are heavy! But as you can see, he bears the load easy and with much skill. Owner Grace writes: “Aiden doesn’t enjoy getting his nails trimmed but he doesn’t mind the addition of a little color. He enthusiastically directed the stacking by slightly opening his eyes when he approved of a polish placement.” It’s tough being a catstackathelete! Thanks Grace and Aiden!

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Jack Stacked!

Catstacked: Jack
Catstacker: Kait
Whatstacked: Flip flops

Cat Jack took a break from all his strenuous summer activities to create a stack out of three pairs of flip flops. Hard work requiring a great amount of skill to be sure, but it’s hard to tell from looking at Jack’s face. Is that look “peeved at ease of stack” or “peeved due to strain of difficult stack”? No doubt it is the former. Thanks Jack and Kait!

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Lapushka Stacked!

Catstacked: Lapushka
Catstacker: Jenn
Whatstacked: Movie vouchers

In a stack marked with tension and ferocity, Lapushka has skillfully balanced what appears to be three movie vouchers on her back. Can you FEEL the tension of this stack, the raw concentration? We sure can! Owner Jenn says that Lapushka’s next daring feat will involve a deck of playing cards. We can’t wait! Thanks Lapushka and Jenn!

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