Noni Stacked!

Catstacked: Noni
Whatstacked: White coral
Catstacker: Lindsey

All the way from Hawaii, we have Noni, who has sent us a very unique example of island stackery. Owner Lindsey explains Noni’s choice of stacking material: “Here Noni has mastered the delicate balance of cat napping with cat stacking. Her hip provides an excellent surface to balance 5 white coral pieces. With each breath Noni takes, the coral carins rise and fall, much like the tides in the ocean.” Excellent work, Noni and Lindsey!

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Thunder Stacked!

Catstacked: Thunder
Catstacker: Jen
Whatstacked: Hungry Hungry Hippos

Thunder the Cat provides a (semi) stable gaming environment with this creative bit of catstackery. We’re guessing his amazing concentration could only be broken by the clattering of hippos and their hungriness, but who knows: he looks pretty focused. He certainly is Thunder down under with this stack! Thanks Thunder and Jen!

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Kevin Stacked!

Catstacked: Kevin
Catstacker: Russell
Whatstacked: pillow, shoebox, cups, box

It doesn’t get much better than this, Stackers! Kevin (the cat) has stacked so much stuff on his back that he’s had to secure himself in place with his favorite scratching pad! Excellent height with a variety of safe materials, this really is a teetering tower of Catstackery! But we have no doubt that Kevin could have happily hung out here all day without any trouble at all. Maybe he could be trained to take out the recycling? Thanks Kevin and Russell!

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Spooky Stacked!

Catstacked: Spooky
Catstacker: Bob
Whatstacked: Pillows

Starting off the New Year right with a little catstackery, is Spooky, seen here balancing a towering heap of pillows like a professional. The guy in the background is Bob, Spooky’s spotter. Even though a spotter is not necessary, many cats find the presence of a spotter reassuring. Thanks for the stacking, Bob and Spooky!

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Willow Stacked!

Catstacked: Willow
Catstacker: Willow’s owner
Whatstacked: Stikbots

From the comfort of her favorite shoebox, Willow is stacked with Stikbots! Notice the look of pure concentration on her face as she goes for the most difficult cranium stack while simultaneously balancing a load of toys on her back! What a pro! Great job, Willow – Keep on stacking in 2016!

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Pepper Stacked

Catstacked: Pepper
Catstacker: Bret
Whatstacked: Books

Here is Pepper, perfectly poised as he looks back at his handiwork – a weighty stack of tomes. His artistry goes beyond words, so why would he concern himself with reading? Owner Bret says, “My parents went on a three-week African safari, leaving us with Pepper. When Pepper isn’t chasing ghosts around the room, or his own tail, he can be remarkably complacent.” Thank you Bret and Pepper!

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Molly Stacked!

Catstacked: Molly
Catstacker: Terry
Whatstacked: Stuffed animals and boxes

After a hiatus, we are back with a very amazeballs stack from cat Molly. As you can see she is already progressed to the professional level of catstackatude with her towering tower of towering boxes (an excellent choice of stacking materials). She also sent along a photo of a stack utilizing many stuffed animals! Thank you very much to Molly and Terry for this most excellent display of catstackery!

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Sophie Stacked!

Catstacked: Sophie
Whatstacked: Baby
Catstacker: Brendan

In a selfless display of sacrifice, cat Sophie has taken one for the team by stacking a human member of the household. While it looks like the majority of the baby might push this stack into danger territory, Sophie has stacked the entire cranium, which is weighty enough. If Sophie keeps this up, the catstacking horizon might be very broad indeed. Thanks Sophie and Brendan!

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Chewy Stacked!

Catstacked: Chewy
Whatstacked: 2 TV remotes, 1 pair of flip flops, 1 stuffed otter, 1 alarm clock, 1 scarf, 1 stuffed dog, 1 baseball cap, and 1 blue propeller cap
Catstacker: Carey

Check out Chewy! A monumental stack has appeared on his back and as you can see he has not even blinked an eye. So focused, so persistent, so equipped with the strength of 10000 normal cats. Owner Carey notes that Chewy is “mildly tolerant,” but he appears to be more than that. He also gets the award for the first ever stacked propeller hat. Nice work, Chewy and Carey!

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Boomer Stacked!

Catstacked: Boomer
Whatstacked: Dog’s stuffed animals
Catstacker: Andy

It’s been awhile since Catstackers’ own Boomer has stacked anything. In fact, right up until the moment of this stack he was pretty sure he had retired from his epic days of catstackery. While this stack is a but a pale specter of his former glory, maybe it will mean a comeback for Boomer. You can see by his face that he’s thrilled about this prospect!

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